Jesse L. Kopp – Copywriter and transcreator for employer branding

Suffering from a shortage of skilled workers? Become a strong employer brand--in both German and English!

I'll work with you to appeal to potential qualified applicants across digital channels and help you communicate with current employees with authentic and relevant content to strengthen their loyalty to your brand. Together, we'll accelerate your recruiting and strengthen your employer branding, whether you're a legacy brand or you need a total overhaul. I work with HR marketing teams to tackle the topic of employer branding in English.

Tell your story. Share your values.

What makes your company stand out as an employer? To answer this question, I'll conduct interviews with your current employees to identify the core topics that are actually the lived experienced of the people who work to keep your lights on. We'll use the interviews on your career page and on your blog to communicate your brand internally and externally in an authentic and emotionally appealing way.

Employer Branding Beispiel – Karriereseite