Learn German in Düsseldorf

In Germany for the next few years? Tja… sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Deutsch sprechen: it’s not impossible. I’m living proof. That’s not to say it hasn’t been a long journey from where I started (with bits and pieces from my childhood to my first earnest endeavor in my teens) to get to where I am today, as an uncannily native-like C2 speaker with an almost undetectable accent. How’d I do it?

To be honest, all it took was time, money and consistently applied interest. The same things it takes master the language are no different from the things it takes to master anything. By applied interest I mean active, authentic, spontaneous use within the context of a relationship to someone who matters. That’s exactly what I’ve been offering native German speakers on a weekly basis for nearly a decade.

You’ve got this! All you have to do is get started.

German for expats in Düsseldorf

Up for the challenge? You don’t need to be a talented language learner to gain the functional fluency that will take your (hopefully life changing) experience abroad here in Germany to the next level. But you will need some foundational skills, and a guide who knows what you’re going through can help. Let’s get started! Legen wir los!