Found your dream job? Find your personal brand as a professional and nail your interview in English. I'll be with you step by step on your path to new and exciting career challenges.

How do you think the recruiter or HR manager feels reading hundreds of applications letters and mulling over CVs every day? It must get dull. How can you stand out immediately as a qualified candidate? Do you know your USP and why are you the perfect fit for the job? Can you drive home who you are as a professional how you bring added value to potential employers? I can help.

If you think of and define yourself as a brand, those questions should be easy to answer. Together, based on your prior work experience and personality profile, we'll define your brand, what you stand for and what sets you apart from the rest as a professional. We'll practice telling a clear and authentic story about who you are and why you're the best fit so you can nail your interview.


Coach for English and international job interviews

Just because part or even all of your job interview is going to be English is no reason to get cold feet when it comes to landing a job you think you'll love. We'll work past your fears in the days leading up to your interview. Few hiring managers expect perfect English, but a little confidence and poise go a long way. Can we get there? Yes, we can!

Believe it or not, it doesn't matter all that much if you know the English word for "Ausbildung". 

In my experience, most applicants--even in top management--worry about pre-interview topics in English that say shouldn't be, like "How do you say Verantwortungsbereich"?

My job as an interview coach is to help you focus on what counts: you'll gain a deeper understanding of who you really are as a professional and as a brand. We'll walk through the real questions together: Why will you be able to master your new tasks based on your experience and how? My mock interview questions tailored to the job posting will help you make a lasting impact and tell your story as a qualified candidate authentically and effectively.

Let’s get started.