Learn Business Englisch in Düsseldorf & Cologne

Business English: what does that really mean? It sounds useful but tedious. And while it could be tedious, it doesn't have to be. Which elements of the English language should be categorized as Business English and which shouldn't? Is it possible to divorce this content from all the rest? How can we best succeed at doing business using English in our professional lives?

I provide Englischunterricht für Businesskeinen abgegrenzten Korpus glänzender Fachtermini und Floskeln. Es ist die Handlungsfähigkeit to do business überhaupt und zwar in einer Sprache, die dir nicht unbedingt leicht fällt.

Doing business is about building and maintaining relationships. Do you have a personality in English? Can you connect authentically with your clients and business contacts, even if you're missing some specific vocabulary? Can you build trust with another person? Can you ask someone a favor?

Using a language is about communicating the ideas you care about to people you care about. Doing business isn't any different. My English lessons for business are your chance to build up an authentic relationship in a world language at consistent, regular intervals--not just to me, but in the case of group lessons, to your colleagues as well across a range of departments within your organization.

It's about way more than just your everyday professional life and technical topics--it's also about God and the world--it's about you--and above all, it's about finally letting loose and having fun in a language that for the time being might leave you shaking in your boots at work. You'll break down your inhibitions, experience immediate learning successes and finally begin to associate English and connections with people who use it with a positive and fulfilling experience.

Once a client said to me: "My dear, the best place in the world to learn a foreign language is in bed." I had to laugh. But there really is something to it: people learn better in the context of a relationship-and it's not just me saying that; it's also what science tells us. Duolingo and Babbel may be great for certain purposes. But there's nothing like a close relationship to someone you trust to help you get talking--and working--in a second language.

My job is to be someone you simply enjoy talking to.

Let’s do business. So you can do business better. 


I use a variety of language teaching methods to achieve fast, sustainable improvements in your knowledge, including language immersion, instructional learning and independent learning. Drop me a line to find out more.

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in the context of a personal relationship with a trainer who has a heart. Language learning is all about communication. There's no better way to do it than with someone you know and trust. I'm here to make you feel comfortable speaking freely about yourself and your life, and you can expect the same from me in return.

with clear, personal goals that determine the content of the lessons. Customized instruction should be about your life, your job, and your future. Tailor-made learning doesn't run in one-size-fits-all.

with a patient, dedicated trainer. Bettering your English may be a bumpy road, but I'm committed to improving your skills. Adapting the course to your own learning speed and learning needs prevents knowledge gaps and ensures lasting success in language learning.

in a relaxed and amusing learning environment where having fun is the rule not the exception. Where it's not only OK but encouraged make mistakes and learn from them. Where every question is welcome, preferably in a familiar setting such as your own home or office. Learning and laughing at the same time? Yes, we can!

with clear, concise and founded answers to your grammar questions, delivered not only in English, but also in German if needed. With me, you never have to rely on "Händen und Füßen" to get the meaning of a word or phrase or understand the difference between "I wear" and "I'm wearing."