Words matter – let me help you find the right ones

Translating from German or Dutch to English isn't just a question of craft, it's a matter of feeling. You might even say it's an art form.

Transcreation happens where the technical aspect of translation and the creative dimension of copywriting intersect. Transcreators adapt messages from one language and cultural framework to another while maintaining their original intent, style, tone, and context. Transcreators like me know what sells on the native end of our language pair. It’s translation, but with sex appeal.

Check out a sample of my work:

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Mit der universellen Anziehungskraft der englischen Sprache punkten.

Wer seine Markenidentität in die weite Welt hinaustragen möchte, braucht Werbebotschaften, die überzeugen. Aber Aussagen, die im deutschsprachigen Raum genial bei Ihrer Zielgruppe ankommen, werden nicht überall in der Welt Resonanz finden. Zum Glück gibt es ja eine Sprache, die so ziemlich überall auf der Welt Aussagekraft besitzt: Meine Muttersprache.

Transcreation is a creative practice that combines the technical dimension of translation with the creativity copywriting to develop expressive, natural and attractive messages in a given target language. If you need to fine tune your marketing in English, I'm your guy.

As an experienced transcreationist, I work closely with management, the marketing and media production team to create compelling, globally focused advertising content with cross-cultural appeal. Transcreation is the process of adapting creative marketing and advertising copy for a different language area or culture by delivering the original intention of the source text in the target language as if the original version had already been written in the target language. Instead of a 1-to-1 translation that falls flat in English, I render core content with the impact and resonance that convincingly conveys your brand's language in the appropriate tone in English. Together we'll generate the emotional reactions that drive purchasing decisions for your target audience.


My fees for all translation work (e.g., German - English, Dutch - English) are based on the volume and degree of difficulty of the source text. My base rate for translations of a standard text is €1.60 per line (55 keystrokes incl. spaces) plus 19% VAT.

Gibberish? No problem: For a quote tailored to your translation order, just contact me at mail@superior-english.com. For express translations or transcreations with same-day delivery, additional fees apply.


Do you need a translator for other languages? For rarer languages such as Dari, Turkish, Urdu, Japanese or Korean, I work with experienced translators from all over the world who'll handle your particular project with the same kind of care I would. You place the order, I'll take care of the rest.

The same goes for European language pairs: French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, Danish, etc... we'll get the job done.

Send your files (or the total character count including spaces) to mail@superior-english.com and I'll send you a quote.