Proofreading and Proofediting (German / English), (Dutch / English)

Let me be your second set of eyes to make sure your English fits like a glove

I proofread all manner of documents and copy in English for corporate clients as well as academics, students and professionals. Whether you have written a presentation, a technical article, or a term paper in English, I'll provide the custom-fit proofediting that will ensure it's on point for your publisher or target audience.

Check out a sample of my work:

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Let's get started!

Haven't written the English version of your text yet? I'm happy to translate it directly from German or Dutch into English for you (it's often easier for both of us).

Proofreading and Proofediting (German / English), (Dutch / English)

The cost of proofediting texts in English is calculated according to the volume, level of difficulty and number of errors in the source text. The price for corrections of standard texts is 95,00€ plus VAT per hour. For a quote based on your text, send your document to For rush orders or proofediting projects with same-day delivery, additional charges apply.