Translation v/s transcreation

“The best place on earth to learn a second language is in bed”: as a language coach that’s been my motto for years. It’s all about communicating the things you care about to someone you care about. But what’s the best place on earth to get a top-quality #translation? Let’s talk #transcreation.

Transcreation happens where the technical aspect of translation and the creative dimension of #copywriting intersect. #Transcreators adapt messages from one language and cultural framework to another while maintaining their original intent, style, tone, and context. Transcreators like me know what sells on the native end of our language pair. It’s translation, but with sex appeal.

If you’re frustrated with the quality of your „sales and marketing translations“, you don’t have to be. Stop googling translators and translation agencies. Make the shift from translation to transcreation.

I’ve been transcreating for global brands for more than a decade. Want to know more about how it works?

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