German is pretty famous for its compound nouns, after all, they’re really easy to make! Here are just a few of the new German words that have come out during the corona pandemic since 2020:

Abstandsbier – distance+beer = meeting up to have a beer, but with appropriate social distancing

Anwesenheitskultur – presence+culture = companies with an established culture of all employees being physically on site during opening hours

Behelfsmaske – temporary+mask = an improvised (non-medical) face mask situation

Coronamüdigkeit – corona+exhaustion = this one is pretty obvious

Coronaspeck – corona+bacon = weight gained during lockdown

Ellenbogengruß – elbow+greeting = touching elbows instead of shaking hands

Fußgruß – feet+greeting = same idea, different body part

Fensterbesuch – window+visit = visiting someone without entering their home

Gesichtskondom – face+condom = this one is pretty self explanatory

Hamsteritis – hamster + itis = the tendency to buy in bulk and hoard items like toilet paper

Impfneid – vaccine+envy = being jealous of people in prioritized groups who have had access to vaccines

Impfdrängler – vaccine+pushy person/tailgater = people who can’t wait to get vaccinated and are being too pushy about it, like trying to skip to the front of the line

Jo-Jo-Lockdown – yoyo+lockdown = like yoyo weight, but with the lockdown – shutting down, opening up, then shutting back down again

Klopapierhysterie – toilet+paper+hysteria = people rushing to buy and hoard an obscene amount of toilet paper

Lockdownverweigerer – lockdown+refusenik = people refusing to comply with lockdown orders

Nacktnase – naked+nose = a nose that’s not covered by a mask

Nasenpimmel – nose+pecker = a nose that’s not covered by a mask, but with a penis joke

Virenschleuder – virus+centrifuge = people or situations that promote an unmitigated spread of the virus

Zoombombing – the same as in English, but it’s just as cute in German