Hint: it doesn’t take much to run circles around the grammar of the people who work there.

Do you „write good“? Because the new Republican administration in the U.S. has grammarians shaking their heads the world over. Can you spot the glaring error in the official inauguration photo?



Sure, all of us slip up occasionally, but these misspellings are truly „unpresidented“. In speaking about Bertolt Brecht with someone just the other day, I carelessly wrote „Bertold Brecht“ instead.  Welcome to the age of alternative poets and playwrights? Perhaps all the administration’s spelling errors stem from the administration’s as yet unofficial boycott of the dictionary. After all, the staff at Merriam-Webster has been trolling the team for months. Follow them on twitter @MerriamWebster https://twitter.com/MerriamWebster?lang=en Enjoy!