Looking for some answers? Some way to understand the differences between these words? I’m here to help! Oft höre ich in Deutschland Sätze wie “He was some kind of surprised.” Geht das?

Hier einmal eine knackige Erklärung: 

somewhat– “etwas1” 

I was somewhatupset after the car accident.

something – “etwas2

            By the look on her face I could tell somethingwas wrong. 

somehow– “irgendwie”

            I’m confident we’ll come to an agreement somehow

somewhere– “irgendwo”

            I must have left my bag somewhere. I can’t find it. 

some kind of– “irgendeine Art von”

He pulled some kind ofdevice out of his pocket. I’m not sure what it was for. 

some way – “irgendeine Weise/Möglichkeit”

Surely there must be some way to get an earlier appointment. 

someday – “eines Tages”

            I know I’ll meet the man of my dreams someday

It would seem there’s almost nothing some can’t do. I’m sure you’ll get along somehow. Enjoy!